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OUR SAgo2school@home Programme

Our programmes had to quickly adapt to the realities of COVID-19 and the likelihood that schools
would remain closed or re-close for longer and unknown periods.

The lockdown prevents us from accessing our primary place of work — schools. Not only are children losing valuable learning time for cognitive development, but they are also missing out on a meal they would have received at school. To mitigate the risk to their academic development, we are promoting the Go2School@home Project within our SAgo2school Programme. We are moving quickly to distribute

worksheets, books, and educational material

during our regular home visits through our

School@home Packages.

They include:

  • A Pack of Coloured Chalk​

  • A Pack of Wax Crayons

  • A Pencil Sharpener

  • A Plastic A4 Folder

  • A 2,5m Elastic

  • A Pencil


With the easing of lockdown restrictions, our office staff joins fieldworkers during home visits.
While fieldworkers are active in the community five days a week, other staff assist at least three
times per week, using the other two days for administration. Through these home visits, we raise
awareness about COVID-19, provide emotional support, and demonstrate ways in which learners
can continue learning at home.

Our aim is to spark learners’ interest in education by fostering a culture of learning at home, so they don’t lose their connection with school life. We also want to show primary caregivers and learners that learning is fun. In the long run, we believe this approach will help mitigate the risk of dropping out. Learning can take place anywhere, especially through play and stimulation to read. We encourage families to establish routines and rules at home so that learning is both structured and enjoyable. Building a trusting relationship with your child, showing affection, interest and giving them positive attention are all important to facilitate learning at home.

To download our free board games click on the relevant button below: 



Our Child Protection Project for 2020 “Stay Safe and Healthy” is a board game designed by our
Principal Social Worker, Carien van Zyl and proudly sponsored by Minuteman Press Paarl. Aligned
with the National Child Protection Week Theme “Let us all protect children during COVID-19 and
beyond”, we are creating awareness beyond 7 June 2020.


We aim to empower children in a fun and interactive way

with knowledge and skills regarding relevant

topics such as:

•Child Abuse
•COVID-19 Safety Measures
•Positive and Negative behaviors


Launching the project, we handed out 500 board

games to learners enrolled in our programmes.
While demonstrating the rules of the game, learners

were eager to play and have fun.

To download our Board Game please click here.


Our Primary Caregiver Programme is also taking

place at home. We are unable to continue with our

weekly sessions during the National Lockdown.

However, we continue to pray for these
women and support them in any way we can.

Care Packs are also delivered to their homes.

They Include: 
• A Magazine
• A Chocolate
• A Bar of Soap
• A Shower Cap
• A Pack of Instant Soup
• Yarn
• Knitting Needles
• Hot Chocolate


In term one of the school calendar, we offered a
Mentoring Programme to a group of Grade 10 and
Grade 11 learners who are members of the Paarl
Junior Town Council. These mentors were going to
facilitate group sessions with selected SAgo2school
Captains in three primary schools in term two.
Unfortunately, due to the lockdown, they could not
proceed. Some of them volunteered to visit their
SAgo2school Captains at home.

These visits were focused on:

  • Wellbeing

  • COVID-19 Awareness

  • The importance of education at school and at home

  • Progress on schoolwork during the lockdown

  • Hand out a Florence and Watson After school booklet, awareness flyer, and a pencil

  • Maintaining Routines


Our findings after these visits indicate most families were doing well and learners remain eager to return to school. They are well informed about the COVID-19 rules however it is not implemented in the neighborhoods, only in public facilities. About 65% of learners did schoolwork at home during the lockdown. Primary Caregivers had to make the effort to keep contact with the school and teachers. After re-assuring the primary caregivers of the strict health and safety protocols being implemented at the schools, they feel happy to send their children back to school in July and August.

Between 1 May – 31 July 2020 we 

  • Conducted 5057 Home Visits between Paarl and Stellenbosch

  • Handed out 471 School@home Packs to Khula Learners

  • Handed out 500 Board Games to Khula Learners

  • Handed out 44 Care Packs to Primary Caregivers

  • Conducted 28 visits to SAgo2school Captains

WCED @Home Learning For

Vulnerable and Rural Communities

Khula Development Group is part of the

@Homelearning for Vulnerable and

Rural Communities Initiative presented

by the Western Cape Education Department.
Our Programme Director Daleen Labuschagne

was a keynote speaker. Daleen emphasized

the importance of schooling at home.
We invited all Managers, 
Teachers and NGO's who
work in under-resourced, vulnerable,

and rural communities to join the Webinar 

that took place on Tuesday, 30 June 2020.

Click here to watch the webinar.

Should you wish to get involved in our

COVID-19 Initiatives you are welcome to


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