The mission of Khula to reintegrate children at risk

of dropping out, back into the school system,

is the backbone of the organization.

Fieldworkers are women and men who live in the

community and who understand the need of the

people in their community – they are the heart

and face of the organisation.

They are trained, supervised, and continuously

supported by a qualified Khula Social Worker.

Khula fieldworkers build a strong relationship with

schools with high absenteeism levels. A referral network is established at each school to notify the Khula fieldworkers, of learner absenteeism. After the referral was received, the fieldworkers visit the child at home and engage with the primary caregiver to start the process of together trying to integrate the child back into the school.

This is a delicate process of earning the respect and trust of the primary caregiver

and motivating the child through love and care.

Once a child has been referred to Khula, the Khula team in consultation with the Khula contact person will address the specific needs of a child. If necessary, the case can be referred to partner organisations in the community, if other needs must be addressed.