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The Power Of Collaboration.

With the @Home Learning Pilot Project that ended on the 31 March we would like to thank Stellumthombo who made significant contributions to the wellbeing of the interns in Stellenbosch. Before the @Home Learning Pilot, Weybrandt Aucamp Stellumthombo’s Volunteer Coordinator was involved at Khula on a weekly basis. Thanks to this ongoing relationship, Khula was able to partner with the organisation to help recruit and interview interns to join the Pilot. Stellumthombo also assisted with the training of the interns in providing additional support to learners at home during the lockdown. This training ranged from basic communication skills to in-depth sessions about the different developmental phases’ children go through.

When the interns joined us, Stellumthombo assisted with intern management, offering mentor sessions. In one on one sessions he had with them, their work environment and circumstances were discussed. Interns were empowered to flourish throughout the Pilot. Weybrandt mentioned how interns were trained on working in groups and how to manage groups while preparing for sessions with children. The most important aspect of preparation was to ensure that the interns supported each other with confidence. Working with large groups of children could be overwhelming, especially if one child is disruptive. Special emphasis was laid on how to handle these circumstances in a positive manner.

The interns showed great interest during these sessions, engaged with questions, and asked for advice on how to handle certain situations. Practical implementation took place when Weybrandt and Annieka Mostert Khula Programme Facilitator accompanied interns in the communities. This was where interns who reside in those communities became aware of the social problems surrounding them. They were never fully aware of the depth of the problems the children were facing in the community until they became involved. This motivated interns even more to give their best and work hard at reaching children who were losing out on schoolwork.

Throughout this Pilot, it became evident that there are youth who want to make a difference in their own community, who are committed and works hard to do so. By empowering them and guiding them in their way forward they can be successful. Although the @Home Learning Pilot has come to an end, Stellumthombo will continue to collaborate with Khula Development Group, empowering interns to make a difference in their own communities.

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