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Child Protection Week 2021

National Child Protection Week will be celebrated between 30 May – 6 June 2021. This event is commemorated in the country annually to raise awareness of the rights of children as articulated in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa and the Children's Act (Act No.38 of 2005).

This campaign aims to mobilise all sectors of society to ensure that children are cared for and protected. Although the government has taken the lead in this initiative, it is every citizen's duty to play a role in protecting children and creating a safe and secure environment for all of them. This can be achieved by not only educating children about their rights but also by educating the primary caregivers and other adults who are responsible for protecting those rights.

During Child Protection Week the colour green is significantly noticeable in public, whether it is a green ribbon or a green hand. The green ribbon was adopted by the National Child Protection Committee in 2004. The colour green refers to life and growth and wearing it demonstrates that you care and support children’s rights. It also lets victims and survivors know that people are united in their support and emphasizes the importance of unity to tackle child abuse issues.

We at Khula Development Group are committed to the well-being of children and believe the following:

  • That all children are precious gifts from God and harming children is offensive to God.

  • That God requires us to protect children and defend the helpless and rescue the weak (Isaiah 1:17 and Psalm 82:3-4).

  • That all children have value, worth and dignity as they are made in the image of God and should be treated with respect and cared for in ways that honour God.

Therefore, we are passionate about child protection and coordinate an annual Child Protection Project during National Child Protection Week. Khula loves and supports children and through this project, we emphasize our passion for children to be safe and happy.

The goal of our annual project is the following:

  • To raise awareness regarding the importance of the protection of children from abuse.

  • To demonstrate that Khula supports National Child Protection initiatives and emphasize the value of children.

Our Child Protection Project theme is “Protect yourself, protect your dream”.

We are using the acronym “STERK” [Strong] to teach children a variety of important aspects. The word “STERK” stands for:

S = Self [Self]

T = Toekoms [Future]

E = Emosies [Emotions]

R = Regte [Rights]

K = Keuses [Choices]

This message will be conveyed through videos where learners from Nederburg Primary School explain each letter, five hundred colouring pages sponsored by Minuteman Press Paarl and social media posts.

While some of the following activities have already taken place during May, some are planned for Child Protection Week:

  • Khula staff wearing green hand brooches and interns wearing green ribbons to raise awareness about child protection.

  • Decorating trees at schools with green ribbons.

  • Child protection training for the interns.

  • Children drawing the outline of children with chalk on paving with the message "do not step me".

  • Puppet shows regarding child abuse and what to do if someone touches you inappropriately.

  • Go-Go and So-So shows.

  • Khula Social Workers and Social Auxiliary Workers providing tips to primary caregivers and children relating to child protection and protective factors during their home visits.

We urge you to support this initiative by wearing green and promoting children’s rights.

Click below to download a free copy of our "STERK" colouring page.

Download PDF • 494KB

Through love and education, we can make a difference.

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